By Lucero Artemio, Senior Product Manager, Fiberroad Technology

In a small-business environment, power over Ethernet is a great choice for many reasons, from cost savings to ease of installation. Whether you are upgrading existing network hardware or looking to expand your current network, you should consider power over Ethernet for its numerous benefits. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

1. Cost Savings

Power over Ethernet is a solution for businesses looking to cut energy costs. With this technology, data and power are carried over the same Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a separate power line and AC connection. This technology also allows for the flexible placement of devices. For example, you can install security cameras in locations where access to electrical outlets is restricted.

One of the biggest advantages of power-over-Ethernet is the cost savings it can generate. It is cheaper to install Ethernet cabling than to run separate wires for data and power. This technology also helps preserve existing electrical wiring.

2. Ease Of Installation

Power over Ethernet is an easy way to install security cameras and other devices. The Ethernet cable can deliver both electric and data signals, making installation easier and less costly. In addition to allowing easier installation, PoE also reduces cost and logistical issues, making it a great choice for businesses.

Power over Ethernet is an increasingly popular medium for low-voltage systems. It can also power IP cameras and wireless access points. Its increasing popularity has also led to new standards that support more devices. Consequently, Power over Ethernet is expected to grow at an explosive rate in the coming years.

In addition to providing more flexibility, PoE improves scalability and reliability. Its intelligent feature protects network equipment from short circuits and overloads. It also provides power that is consistent throughout devices, making it easier to manage, reset, and disable equipment. Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption.

3. Safety

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows for power and data transfer through a computer cable. This type of networking technology is ideal for hard-to-reach devices, as it eliminates the need for a nearby power outlet. Its safety features include the ability to minimize wires, which helps improve patient safety.


Power over Ethernet technology is an excellent way to connect power and data to one another. This simple yet highly effective method does not require an electrician to install it, and it can be applied to any network. Besides being easy to install, Power over Ethernet can also help you improve your networking infrastructure and cut down on monthly overhead costs. The technology is easy to manage thanks to its Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support. This protocol allows you to monitor and control power consumption from your devices and switch. Moreover, Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for AC-DC converters.

The technology is also safer than traditional systems, as it carries low-voltage power over a network. This minimizes the risks associated with high-voltage wires. However, it is important to note that you should always ensure that your network can provide power to all your devices. Moreover, PoE systems can be backed up with an Uninterruptible Power Supply unit to protect them from a power disruption. Power over Ethernet is a great option for businesses that want to take advantage of the technology.

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