Scammers are everywhere. One of the most heard tricks is done in banks. A fake transfer slip (สลิปปลอม, which is the term in Thai) can be sent to the service providers by the customers many times. They are practically working for free when this happens. It is important to protect the interest of the sellers and help them to beware of these tricksters. If you are one of the sellers who is fed up with these frauds, we are here to help you.

Most Common Red Flags To Identify Fake Transfer Receipts    

·       Did You Receive An Email Or A Text From The Bank?

The first thing that takes place after every minor or major transaction is receiving an email from your bank regarding the same. If any consumer claims that they have made the payment but you have not yet received any email or text message from your bank, you should never believe them. Contacting the bank would be the best option so that unnecessary blame would not be imposed on the customer.

·       The Appearance Of The Transfer Slip

The appearance of something that is not original would surely look different than the real one. It is quite easy to identify a fake slip by focusing on various small elements like the bank name, logo, font style of a bank name, hues in the slip, or even uneven settlement of small details. It is advised to compare it with an original slip that you already have.

·       Report The Bank

If you feel something fishy, without wasting any time, just ask for confirmation from the bank. This is the safest and the most trusted way of identifying a fake transfer slip (สลิป โอน เงิน ปลอม, term in Thai). All you have to do is call the bank and talk to the representative. You can also email them your query and most probably it would be resolved. You can even visit your nearest branch if the other two options do not suit you.

Wrapping Up

So this brings us to an end. We hope that now you can identify a fake slip. You can find various steps and methods on the internet but nothing can beat these three ways to authenticate any transaction. So do not waste any more time and get to know about your payment receipt. Here are the points you just read (summary):

  • Check your email or text message.
  • Check even the minute details of the slip.
  • Contact your bank.

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