Being a social media marketer is no easy job. One has to come up with quirky strategies and campaigns to gain popularity. Email marketing is a huge part of the social media marketing domain.

Email marketing is where you target your audience by sending them mail on their email addresses. Now, the mail could be a brochure explaining the products, details about the benefits they acquire upon registration, or a pop-up updating them with what’s new.

If you want to ensure that the time and effort you put into email marketing doesn’t go to waste, your voice doesn’t fall on deaf shoulders, and you’re able to access your target audience in the best possible way, you should introduce yourself to email validation.

What Is Email Validation?

Email validation is a process in which you can verify the existence of the email addresses that you’re targeting. Email validation ensures that you target popular users with valid email addresses.

Benefits of Email Validation

Email validation protects you from sending mail to the wrong email addresses because on doing so your mail gets bounced back, increasing your bounce rate, decreasing your deliverability, and delaying your progress. A failure in delivery can increase your risks of being blacklisted so it watches out for that too.

Email validation increases the rate of your delivered mail, thus having a positive impact on your engagement rates. When authentic customers are approached, you’re more likely to experience engagement on your product or website.

It also ensures that your time and money don’t go to waste and that your email marketing campaigns can work to their full potential. Email validation also protects your reputation.

As email validation is not a time-taking process, you can run your entire contact list through the API for the first time. Then, whenever a new contact is added, you just have to run that single contact to check whether it has a valid existence.

Email Validation API

Now that you’ve understood that email validation is a process to identify and separate wrong email addresses from correct ones, let us learn about email validation API. It is a tool that goes through your contact list, searching for any errors or typos that you might have made, or invalid domains.

It also helps you get rid of disposable email addresses (temporary addresses that stop functioning after a brief period. You can find various email validation API tools online, and all of them come with different features. Some you can try for free, but in some, you might have to pay money for their premium packages.


Every business should consider investing in an email validation API as they’re cheap and provide great benefits at the same time. Finding the right tool to use is crucial but don’t let the countless options frighten you. Start with one, figure out if it works for you, which it probably will, and if it doesn’t, move on to the next. As a first-timer, consider checking out the free API till you get a hang of things.

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